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About what time is this goin down
thanks for the advice, i have since gotten a fitted tie. I feel as though the jacket is a bit wide and am looking to get it brought in a bit. As for the women, i think I can post another picture for you since you asked, different woman same effect, they truly are the best blacktie accessory. I know Im wearing a vest, it was before I knew better.
from an event over the summer
I just got a pair of uggs, i got the ones with hard soles. Kind of ugly but warm none the less
im a poor college student and am in need of jackets for interviews? I am a 40 so I could get it tailored.
Does any one know of any or has experience with online sunglass dealers that sell real persol glasses and not fakes. many thanks. alex
the one you need is the giant 1.5 litre Chimay glass
im a fan of doing burnouts to work the entire pectoral muscle. 8 wide grip 8 narrow grip and 8 normal grip right after each other
i love gluwein in the fall/winter
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