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id show, not really lookin to sell anything though
great collection
If you can find a weaver they can usually fix stuff like that. Kinda expensive, but if you really like the cardigan...
Dont they have the japanese flag printed on the inside pocket? Or that might be a diffrent jean. Its small but its something I have never seen before.
I like mesa fit and denim, the inner pocket detail is pretty cool too
Quote: Originally Posted by HATORI HANZO Jeans or child support, you choose . Lol just kidding A little of column A, and a little of column B
I like my girl, but not that much
It was great to meet everybody, me and my woman had a really good time. She decided to pick up some crystal encrusted TRs that look like a disco ball. Thanks go out Mauro for hosting the party and the sweet pair of veggies that I won. Godmother it was great meeting you, many thanks for the 5EP x SF and my new sweet denim mafia name. Hatori have fun with, as you called them "the crotch velvet".
so much talk of the baracuta, i think I'm going to wear mine out tonight to the denimbar party
No worries Hatori i got a few good lookin girls comming up, ill see you all at 7
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