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The penetration one could get in kicking someone in the corn hole with those boots could be quite amusing, but the removal with the toe bottle opener would be epic.
Ill pass the message on
My girl was the short haired one in line, not the one that dropped it
Quote: There was also a short haired girl there that caught my attention more then a few times. She was in line behind me when the girl out of no where lifted her dress and tried on a pair of jeans in the middle of the store. And that would be my girlfriend.
how were the cuts? Hardware and denim quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer He told me that I was dressed like an Englishmen, and he pointed out that I was wearing a sport coat, a cashmere scarf, and hard-soled shoes. That's all it took to set me apart from my countrymen. Oh, bloody hell. Same thing happened to me except it was from a Brittish female co-worker.
for college all you really need are some good jeans that will last you, a suit that fits you, some plain colored tee shirts, pair of dress shoes and a pair of trainers. Everything else just buy what you like and let your wardrobe grow.
lord have mercy
I rock the chucks, apc x nike, and adidas superskates for trainers with denim. Distressed cap toes for a little more formal/sleek look
I think she got the teeshirt from under baby hell
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