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I have a formal event tomorrow which is a creative black tie and am deciding on what jacket to wear. Should I wear a black single button notch, black velvet single button notch or egg shell double breasted peak? Is it to early to bring out the eggshell dinner jacket, it will be 80 and sunny with the event starting at 4 and going into the night? Any input would be appreciated.
I want the nudie wallet
Ill be there, maybe ill break out the veggies
maybe, it depends on how busy im gonna be that day, but thanks for the heads up
yeah they are dead stock and unsanforized, the cut is okay but the color of the indigo is like nothing I have ever seen. I know about regular nudies but this denim is different and i heard shrinks alot, thats why I was asking the question.
So I got a pair of the regular ralf veggie indigo from winning a raffle at the denimbar party and have just gotten around to start wearing them. I know they shrink alot, so I got them true to size and with a 34 inseam. my question is should I soak them down while they're newish or wear them a little large, hem them down and never wash. Any one have any experience, opinions?
happy birthday, I got the same jacket, it is totally sweet and really turns heads
Im down
Im "The Snake"
Tailgating on top of a jeep with the denim on. Because Godmother wants to know what we do to grow the denim, I will say that in this picture I was spilling lots of beer on them, rubbing them dry on women present, then doing things I don't remember due to said beer.
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