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great party, my girl and I had a great time. It was nice seeing you all again and have to say the fits were all on point. Mauro your little girl was quite adorable if I do say so myself
see you guys at 6
i gotcha
The woman is driving anyway, and the card already got a good workout on sunday.
my girl will be taking my card as I will be getting drunk
I have no problem going to battle, I hope we get some sweet uniforms.
My father is an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon who put himself through college working as a tailors assistant in NYC. He always told me that there must be a certain respect for the profession of which you are apart. While I understand that Hawaiian shirts are comfortable and give your patient an ease of mind, I believe that there is a certain level of respect that a patient must have for his Physician which is derived entirely from his outward appearance. I also understand...
Does this contest apply to women also, I think the woman wants to get down
i thought it was Rupaul
will unsuccessful attempts also be counted
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