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Here are some RRVI's that it happened too
Smartwool socks are amazing socks and i use them everytime I am in the field, however they might be a little overkill if you are just wearing boots around town like the GT was made for. If you do decide to pull the trigger on Smartwool make sure you get your size correct. the socks also vary in length and padding, the light padding should be good for you if you are not doing any long hiking trips with a fully loaded pack. hope this helps
I washed some of my dry denim today (5EPs) and there are some weird fades in unnatural places due to the washing machine. this happen to anyone else?
Mauro, are you hiring all new people or are some of the old crew going with you? Since we are suggesting other locations, why not Vegas?
The glasses are persol
Im in
I think im going to pull the trigger on the Katahdins, im just deciding on whether to size down or not
Thanks for all your help. As for what im going to be doing, the work is a population survey of amphibians in the Shenandoah, so the work will involve kicking rocks and walking in water a little Chiral, I just looked at those boots and they look amazing, thanks for the recommendation
So I just got appointed to a position that requires a good amount of field work and I need a new pair of boots. I was leaning to the redwing gt but was wondering if it was solid enough to handle serious woods work or was the sole/leather/style more for the streets? many thanks
id like it if no one wants it
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