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adidas Originals Super Skate Lo (Suede) i like these, and have a pair and they're cheap at 35.00 on zappos
my 8 month old dry boot cut olas, they just fit so good
Those blow donkeys
Those colors are horrible! it looks like a colorblind child got hold of neon paint and went to town. Send them back to the 80's where they belong. and whats with the village people coustumes in their new line?My eyes are scarred for life!!!
To reverse this I took my dad shopping for denim the other day, he told me he liked the fit of my denim and he wanted a pair, so i took him to the denim bar and got him his first pair of RRDS. A tear formed in my eye when a life long cheap jean wearing man (no offense cheapmutha) finally came to the light side.
I will say that that is a very beautiful selvege
I just received my pair of custom NIKE shoes from I highly recommend the site and the shoes are beautiful and not that expensive.
I scotchguard my kicks, it makes it a lot easier to get the stains off
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 DC Nudie report! I've seen 'em on employees in the Co-ops and Denimbar, and on dudes shopping in georgetown who looked like they were trying pretty hard. Haven't seen them out in bars/rock venues, though maybe they're cool in clubs, I dunno. Maybe I'm just running with the wrong crowd. The Big Man? Im out that way, outside of denim bar i haven't anyone else either. At george mason university everyone...
Thats special
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