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Quote: at least its better than 2-3 polos layered over each other o yea COLLAR POPPED I really hate that
just bought my new authentic sterlingwear pea coat for the season, it's in the mail, 36.50 shipped off ebay
some denim makers will chain stitch the hems for you originally so it is official, just shorter.
all night long!!!
last night i was playing some football in my RRDS's and got some grass stains on them. Is there any way to get them out with out washing them?
the only problem with wax wear its that it transfers the wax everywhere during the first few weeks until it gets broken in. something I learned the hard way with a brown waxed messenger bag from JCrew. It looks great now though especially with all the indigo that has rubbed of my denim and on to the bag.
someone found the smilies
My favorite is a P.G. Maduro
Bape, Red Monkey jeans, the big Gucci glasses, and the purple timberlands
I have 2 pairs of Boot cut olas, 1 dry and the other in the dark used wash. I just love the fit.
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