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I love my olas, so comfortable. for my birthdat last wed. my dad bought me a pair of svenskas without me knowing and sent them to my school, they're cool too but i think he missed my memo of me wanting some pbjs.. oh well
Dont think its fitted, but good for layering and very warm
That's so sweet....
I have one of their leather jackets from 4 seasons back and is still in rotation. quality is good especially for the wear I put it through in college
AA has cheap tight fitting blank clothes in black, You might like them.
i do it with a scarf, I like the look and it keeps the wind from killing you neck
i know, they don't let you
I wear a BSL4 space suit to work, but with 'canes underneath. The supervisors are starting to get pissed off as to why the suits are starting to get blue on the inside.
Ironhearts are the thickest denim out there at 21oz. They have a online store also
What I am wearing at work right now. school tee shirt - 7.00 RRDS-200 Adidas Super Skate kicks- 50.00 boxers & socks - who cares Tag Heuer watch - 1500 total: 1757$
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