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i got a pair of the flame and love them
i regret a pair of baggy 7s i got for 150 and the neon green limited editions pumas i got last year
3 cigerettes, 10mg addarol, some odawalla Cmonster and a crunch bar. hasn't failed me yet
year old dry ola SSDS 3months ola dark wear (was a gift) Cane 45's
Those Even Stevens look cool even though they look like nudies attempt to jump on the repro bandwagon
That would be them
I've noticed a lot of people wearing those little buttons that have various sayings and bands on them. I got one or two, what are your opinions on them? do you always wear them?
Thanks man
does anyone else have the problem of the string unstitching its self at the chainstitched hem. im just sitting here at work trying to stop this on my nudies.
Quote: I cared about fashion in high school, not style. Which explains some of my fashion disasters from that era. +1 I wore tie dye shirts and handmade patchwork cord shorts in high school. shows what being a high school stoner will do to you
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