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Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk OMG, yes! Canoe! I don't remember where that came in my progression. I remember the TV commercials: Babe: qu'est-ce que tu port? [sp?] He: Canoe. Those were the good times when life was cheap
canoe was my first when I was very young
Mauro, what time is the party starting
correct me if im wrong but were the tuxes made for the first few Bond movies made by an english tailor as opposed to the later Bond movies in which the tuxes have a very italian cut to them
I have a pair of the dry at around 6 months and they are just starting to get broken in fading wise. This is due to the fact that they are made out of a really light denim. Regarding the muchacho I have heard nothing. Other posts have been made on the topic so I would sugest searching for them also
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha well... thats all nice, but ive found the best indigo setting substance is blood from a virgin. it is what i used on my cmf homme, and i must say the reserch and development was the most fun ive had in a long time. +1 especially freshman sorority virgin blood
Puma speedcats are horrible driving shoes. Not only are they not made out of nomex, so they wont let you wear them on the track, but are so poorly inforced on the outside of the right foot that I wore a hole in them in two weeks from heel-toe shifting. The heels on the speedcat are also not that good for driving. The speed cat is more or less a poser race shoe. a much better driving shoe are pilotis http://www.apexperformance.net/cartg...id=1145&cid=16 I got three...
I alway wear denim, pick out a teeshirt and a hoodie. if going to class ill just throw on some outerwear depending on the weather, peacoat, duffle, or a m65. If Im going to work ill throw on a collared shirt over the tee, layer with a hoodie and match some shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by weirdnjfan1 Welcome to the board and don't worry about the savages, they'll warm up to you sometime. .: Battle Cry:.
i got a pair of olas and a pair of ssds flame. The olas have a much lighter denim 9 oz i belive. they do not take 5 years to get fading only about six months. the flame selvage is unique if your going for that look and the SS cut is great. Why not go for some PBJs or Canes instead?
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