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Im in fairfax city all day all night long, im down for drinks when ever
just dont wash
patching is the only way to go, cut up some old denim or call Nudie up and get their denim repair kit, i think its still free and the denim that comes with it matches.
ive gotten a few from my friends. one liked my kmw 1980s so much he got himself a pair
I got the jap 1980s, they're true to size, not that slim more like a straight leg, and stretch very little
A whall custom makes jeans for 150 if im not mistaken, do a forum search for his website
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemonkey Where'd you get it? Thats the J crew waxed bag, I got the same one and use it hardcore. Its not padded at all so i wrap a towel around the computer. Other than that its a great bag.
KMW 1980 jap repro
I just picked up a pair at the denim bar, I agree with everything that stylin said, but not only are the pockets low but also rather large. I like the slimmer fit through the thigh and into the knee, I think it gives a nicer look. pics to come, im gonna need to borrow a camera or use the phone.
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