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ill play, here are some of my prom pictures [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
10.5 for me
is it too much to wear a flower and pocket square at the same time in a tux
i would go to tysons 2 and look around their for something. They have a good selection of higher quality designer suits. Another suggestion would be to go to felines basement and poke around there, they just opened up a store in the tysons area
believe the origin is for doctors so they could roll the cuffs up and not get blood on their jacket when doing house calls
i dont need food, electricity is overrated, and who needs rent when you live in the library any way. 500$ diors on the other hand will make you feel like your doing well in life when your really up sh*t creek. I say go for the diors
there was a guy that wore both a powder blue and red square at the same time, it looked horrible
I have a formal gala i must attend. I am wearing a cream double breasted dinner coat with a black tie and my date is wearing a red dress. Should I go with a red flower, mabye a rose or carnation to match her dress or something else. Any help would be appreciated edit here is the jacket on me a while ago[IMG][/IMG]
i did it. ill post pictures when i get home, i never really wear them because they are really flashy and not that comfortable
i got both and i gotta say go with the 1980s true to size, they just feel so good and the fit is perfect. If you can get over the flashy selvege coin pocket and huge pockets sitting low (compared to the SSDS) your great.
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