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rrvi sssevnka ola dry ola washed sj grey coated 5EPxSF KMW 1980 japan dry
Dropped by the store this morning and it looks great, including the wall colors. I look foward to seeing you all at the party
Hey socal ive bought some stuff from you before. Im a 38/40 if you'd like to spare something. -Alex
Tried to stop by the store today, but you were closed for what looked like painting, oh well
They are located a few blocks from Mr Days
ill be there, after I'd be down to hit up a bar with anyone.
its my b-day so I'll def be there and buy something
I like polo sweaters and have been known to wear football jerseys to the bar for game day. I also have ugg slippers i wear around the house
yeah, i think im just going to stick with the hand washes
thats just the way the fabric is
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