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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I might be down for this, depending on when I get out of class on Friday. me too
sander, dont iron use a little spray starch on the cuff and let dry under a book to press. not really good for the denim but it works the best especially for weak denim
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro FREE DEAD HOOKERS FOR ALL!!!! I like my dead hookers like I like my coffee, ground up and in the freezer
So you look like Justin Timberlake x Mauro, ladies gotta be chasing after you
All I know is that I will be over there for this event and drinking heavily
hey everyone needs some lovin', cristian included
maybe not applebys but there is a hardtimes right there with some rather large women who are always lookin for some lovin'
the LL Bean Engineers Boots are great. My only gripes are that in mud you slip alot and in talus they can get cut up pretty bad (I cut through the side of mine). For everyday streetwear they are great and they break in beautiful. I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow.
if Im not working at reston on friday Ill get down to clarendon. As for places to chill Liberty Tavern sounds about right, Mr Days is okay, the Grill is like a frat party, The Ballroom is clubby if your down for that. Sobe is also around there but is usually dead. Have I missed any other places?
Nice seeing you all I had a great time as always, DJ was bumping some crazy ish. Magician I hope your gf didn't steal your card and buy that coat she was eying all night, Mauro, always good talking to you about Hungarian cooking and slabs of bacon
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