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Called today and they said they were all shipped out this morning. If anyone got a 42 that doesn't work out pls lmk
Thanks for the replies, now I need to find them below $300. Looks like they rarely go on sale now
Anyone know how to size the leather high tops? I wear mmm in 43 and cps in 42 thanks!
Oops you're right, was mainly looking at the pocket sweaters. Hopefully those will drop to 50% also.
Thanks, I thought last season some items went to 50% but I could be wrong. We shall see later
Anyone know if/when ervell Web Store will drop to 50%?
Anyone know if Glendale uniqlo stocked +j items? Could've sworn I saw them as a stockist but it's no longer listed on uniqlo
Looking for black/black toj0 in 48 please thanks!
What size toj0 would you guys recommend if I have toj1 2011 in stock 48, but the shoulders are a bit tight? @ 5'9 148
Where'd you go to try on the jeans?
New Posts  All Forums: