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Anyone know if Glendale uniqlo stocked +j items? Could've sworn I saw them as a stockist but it's no longer listed on uniqlo
Looking for black/black toj0 in 48 please thanks!
What size toj0 would you guys recommend if I have toj1 2011 in stock 48, but the shoulders are a bit tight? @ 5'9 148
Where'd you go to try on the jeans?
It will be the new fit correct? Was hoping for a current cut with the less tapered legs
Anyone know if any stores have the cast in coast in stock? Size 29
Payment sent as well
Should defnitely keep the ion,looks great! I need one in oxblood
Thanks for this, just signed up. Prefer black/black though
Extra10 for additional 10% on sales items at tbs
New Posts  All Forums: