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I have two of the Classico suits. They are fantastic and have held up well over the past year. I think slimming the pants in the Napoli is a step in the right direction because for me the Classico pants are a bit "full". Also, I find that the padding in the shoulders is a bit stronger than I'd prefer. These two points seem to be addressed in the Napoli. Though I wonder how the shoulders fit since that measurement has been increased. The increased shoulder measurement...
Sorry I thought you were talking about your new Napoli sportcoats, not the TF stuff.
Too bad there won't be any shorts. It seems like there are a lot of 36S and 38S on SF.
Any plans for Benjamin trousers in other fabrics?
I agree, I think there's something off about the Granoro (and now the Classico) and I think it may be that the shoulders are too strong.
I know this was posted earlier in this thread by someone else, but thought I'd post again because it may be helpful. I contacted Suitsupply directly for measurements for the 38S in the Napoli cut. Here's what they provided. Waist: 39.0" Sleeve: 32.8" Chest: 42.7" Shoulder: 18.6" Length (BOC): 29.5" Hem: 7.9" Front rise: 8.6" Waist: 35.0" Inseam: 31.6" Based on the measurements, the Napoli in 38S seems to fit huge (43" chest and 35" waist!). Too bad they don't offer a 36S.
Woah, that's a pretty drastic change. I've used Obenauf's LP on leather and it never turned out that much darker. Anyway, I like the color of your boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Honestly they are all at similar price points and you can't really go wrong with one or another. They are all one man operations and deliver a pretty similar high quality product. I have a wallet from unlucky and if I was to get a belt I would just get one from unlucky since I'm satisfied with my wallet. I've had the wallet for around 2 years and my only major complaint is that the wallet screwed up the mag strip...
Thinking of getting a new belt. I've done a search and I think I'll get one from either Corter, Unlucky or Hollows. Any opinions on their work?
Any opinions on what a proper length should be for a jacket with side vents? I wear a 38S and I noticed that the vents on my jackets range from 8.5" to 9.75." To me, at least, the shorter vents look kind of off. Only on SF would somebody care about this.
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