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Shirt pattern looks good.Also, who makes the loafers? I'm looking for a new pair of brown ones. Thanks
I have two of the Classico suits. They are fantastic and have held up well over the past year. I think slimming the pants in the Napoli is a step in the right direction because for me the Classico pants are a bit "full". Also, I find that the padding in the shoulders is a bit stronger than I'd prefer. These two points seem to be addressed in the Napoli. Though I wonder how the shoulders fit since that measurement has been increased. The increased shoulder measurement...
Sorry I thought you were talking about your new Napoli sportcoats, not the TF stuff.
Too bad there won't be any shorts. It seems like there are a lot of 36S and 38S on SF.
Any plans for Benjamin trousers in other fabrics?
I agree, I think there's something off about the Granoro (and now the Classico) and I think it may be that the shoulders are too strong.
I know this was posted earlier in this thread by someone else, but thought I'd post again because it may be helpful. I contacted Suitsupply directly for measurements for the 38S in the Napoli cut. Here's what they provided. Waist: 39.0" Sleeve: 32.8" Chest: 42.7" Shoulder: 18.6" Length (BOC): 29.5" Hem: 7.9" Front rise: 8.6" Waist: 35.0" Inseam: 31.6" Based on the measurements, the Napoli in 38S seems to fit huge (43" chest and 35" waist!). Too bad they don't offer a 36S.
Woah, that's a pretty drastic change. I've used Obenauf's LP on leather and it never turned out that much darker. Anyway, I like the color of your boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Honestly they are all at similar price points and you can't really go wrong with one or another. They are all one man operations and deliver a pretty similar high quality product. I have a wallet from unlucky and if I was to get a belt I would just get one from unlucky since I'm satisfied with my wallet. I've had the wallet for around 2 years and my only major complaint is that the wallet screwed up the mag strip...
Thinking of getting a new belt. I've done a search and I think I'll get one from either Corter, Unlucky or Hollows. Any opinions on their work?
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