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I no longer wear them, but sincerely hope that the company does well and stick to American manufacturing
7wk has lots of room. Think of it as a super wide Barrie last.I would downsize another half size from your Barrie size.
Don't discount the Drake. There is lots of inaccuracies to the ply number games that manufactures use. For me, the "4-ply" Drakes over a simple shirt was adequate for near freezing weather here in the east coast
early to mid 2000's, during the waning period of the three button stance
For YOU, they will not work. You have no confidence in your own style, as evidenced by the question.
You are NEVER going to be able to tailor that suit to achieve the Styleforum "ideal" fit. For all practical purposes (as, in the real world where people actually live), your suit is good enough. In the internet world your suit is going to be harshly criticized and ripped to pieces. Wear your suit, read more about classic style and fit, and slowly develop your own style.
Nice selection and you've come a long way. Forget the internet solicitation of advice.
I don't personally consider paying $350 just for lenses a cheap move from a cheap establishment. I do consider it a value when the exact same lens would cost me $600 at an optician. As for education, I've provided a link before. You can take some time to do some research yourself, or just ignore everything I've said. Best of luck either way.
What is your contingency plan for the time when your one pair of frames is damaged? Why not have at least two pairs of the same style (or exact same frames)? Full disclosure: I myself have 10 pairs of frames, not including sunglasses. There are two additional pairs arriving any day also.
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