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It's especially easy if you are keeping a pair of frames that you know fits you well. What you need is the actual prescription (or the actual prescription numbers for your eyes), the measurement for the PD (pupillary distance). You then send that to the online operation. You then pick the exact lens you want (there are many many options: how thin, what kind of coating...etc). On average you can expect to save around 40%, at least, just for the lens themselves. I've...
If you prefer dealing only with brick and mortar store, I can't help you. Should you be willing to entertain online operations that replace lens (of significant better quality at much less price point), I may be able to offer some suggestions
My pair of BB Peal beater shoe, worn once a week for over a year (over 50 wears), has no such defect.I guess I must have luck out
Do you wonder why this particular style is on deep discount?
A good way to tell authenticity is to look at the small details. The zipper looks really crude, so your item is likely fake
Settling for the almost right is the best way to create regret later
Paying $410 for used shoes.......that's just being a sucker, in my opinion. You could've purchased brand new shoes for less.
yes, they will "recolor" as they contain color pigments.Make sure you match the color you desire as closely as possible.
I bet you got lots of compliments at the fundraiser, because you have achieved the harmonious color matching (shoe, shirt, tie, pocket square) that most people (non-SF'ers) take as being the mark of well dressed.My personal opinion is that you look too studied. The tie knot is too perfect and symmetrical. The patterns between the shirt and suit is too close. The tie & pocketsquare are too match match.
Is this not "brand" whoring? Otherwise identical (material, worksmanship) except one has better known "name"
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