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I just received a recent order but the wrong item was shipped to me. Please don't let the item that I ordered sell out tomorrow! (check the customer email of NMWA) thanks
you have a poor quality bespoke jacket and your tailor is fairly mediocre. Actually, he's pretty incompetent now that I look at the collar of the jacket.
This is a wonderful explanation of the attractiveness of open quarters. It is still mostly a style preference though
OP, you are a wuss. This is a voluntary site of like minded individuals. If you dress like shit, then you are going to be called out. Too many newbies starting new threads all asking the same question.
Greg, Looks like the same size in the Inis Meain fit differently (have different chest measurements). Specifically between the cardigan and the toggle shawl. Can you clarify? So do I need to upsize one for the toggle shawl?
Questions for Greg: 1. The Casentino came with the LBM branded wood hanger. Mine was the same numeric size as the jacket, but the ends of the hanger do not reach the shoulder line of the coat (i.e., appears the hanger is too small). Was this intended? 2. Are you actually planning on selling your own NMWA hangers? 3. At the upcoming trunk show, how much creativity is allowed with the VASS MTO event?
For those who can't decide on proper size of garments, in general, may I recommend you use your cellphone's video capability and shoot a video of yourself in motion, moving arms, turning,...etc. In my opinion this is a much more realistic evaluation than a static picture. And those selfie poses are the worse.
I'm very happy with my Casentino coat purchase. I did not size up and the fit was pretty spot on, even over a jacket (which I never intended to do).
In addition to specifying the cut (Walt versus Rudy), can I specify side tabs instead of belt rings.Also, can you have the factory sew on suspender buttons?
Kent, the shoe trees that you sell, are they better fit for the benchgrade shoes, compared to (for example), the Woodlore Epic trees?
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