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Canali looks real. But that fabric is just plain butt ass UGLY
Thank you, that was helpful. Now the hard part is to try to limit the financial damage!
Are the Sanders last as wide as the AS 7WK last? I had to size down an additional half size in the 7WK
+100000As a newbie I bought everything in sight that remotely smacks of style. In that fashion I accumulated lots of nice stuff, but crap because they either do not fit me or fit into my developing style.It has been a very expense learning experience, but I would like to believe that I buy quality over quantity now. It helps when one has a good grasp of his own personal style, and not have to rely on the internet for advice.That said, what new items can we expect for the...
Please comment on some of the Sanders lasts M265 (Jude) 4831 (Olly) Let's use the AS 109 last as comparison. Thanks
That GQ article is written by an idiot. That J. Crew shoe is being sold through deceptive advertisement statements, trying to obfuscate its origin of manufacture (likely India or China) and sell to naïve buyers. If that shoe is truly made in the US, J. Crew would have plastered that fact all over the place.
I just received a recent order but the wrong item was shipped to me. Please don't let the item that I ordered sell out tomorrow! (check the customer email of NMWA) thanks
you have a poor quality bespoke jacket and your tailor is fairly mediocre. Actually, he's pretty incompetent now that I look at the collar of the jacket.
This is a wonderful explanation of the attractiveness of open quarters. It is still mostly a style preference though
OP, you are a wuss. This is a voluntary site of like minded individuals. If you dress like shit, then you are going to be called out. Too many newbies starting new threads all asking the same question.
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