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You WILL be overpaying, no doubt. The thing is, if you really like it and can afford it, just get what you like. Avoid the detractors who claim you can get so and such for much less. It won't look exactly the same as the piece that you fell in love with.
You are completely clueless, and your best bet is to do some reading. But of course it is easier to just ask for advice. Problem is you are being led by other clueless people. By the way, comfort has to do with the FIT of the shoe.
My bad. I misunderstood. The snow freezes the brain. I ordered the MTO cardigan.
Greg,Your email and paypal invoice may have gone into my spam box and be deleted Can you resend?
There were a few pairs of Edward Green shoes in size 9/9.5 and 8/5/9 on sale on 6th floor at Saks. Barneys has better sale, in my opinion.
It's like an airy oxford cloth.
That is BLATANTLY not true, both from my personal experience and from asking the Madison store salesperson.
I checked out the Madison store this week. Quite small, but very attentive and helpful staff, with the traditional Japanese customer service approach. It's quite good. I've had fairly spot on fits with the BB ESF, but am not happy with the lack of sleeve packet buttons. The Kamakura shirt sizes are rather confusing, but trying the test shirts in the store was tremendously helpful. I ended up with a knit shirt and a OCBD. Selections were also limited in the store. I...
You made a mistake of buying a brand new shirt, unwashed, with a "perfect" collar. You should have expected shrinkage and therefore sized accordingly. Your best bet is to only wash in cold water and line dry, and hope for the best.
Your newbie problem is the same as all the newbie problems that pop up every day on the forum. The reason for the confusion is there's too many blind trying to lead the stupid. What you need is to read, FOR YOURSELF, some authoritative basic information, then slowly and gradually develop your own style. Try books by Alan Flusser That said, if you are like the 99% of the newbies out there, who would rather be fed information quickly by the blind, then good luck.
New Posts  All Forums: