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Those lapels are comically large for your slim frame.Shirt collar as it relates to the jacket is really jarring. Terrible fit.
good luck trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
I'm cool with that.The slowness give the store that all-important "ARTISANAL" quality!!
Website runs slow on my computer. Annoying for the impatient. Also, I second/third/fourth the suggestion that all items show up instead of having to wait.
Why not post a picture of YOU wearing the shirt to give a better gauge of the effect of the spread collar as it frames your face?
why do you want to know?I have a pair of Bally loafer (corrected grain, Rapid-Blake construction) purchased in 1997. Still going strong. It's my rainy weather beater shoe now (has Topy)
Go read a book, or two. Google Alan Flusser.
OMG!!!!! A gray flannel suit. That's as rare as a bright blue two horn unicorn! I'd like to know where to acquire such exotic item, so that I can look as smashing as the dude in the picture.
You WILL be overpaying, no doubt. The thing is, if you really like it and can afford it, just get what you like. Avoid the detractors who claim you can get so and such for much less. It won't look exactly the same as the piece that you fell in love with.
You are completely clueless, and your best bet is to do some reading. But of course it is easier to just ask for advice. Problem is you are being led by other clueless people. By the way, comfort has to do with the FIT of the shoe.
New Posts  All Forums: