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Never mind. Code works and I found the location. Good sale
Unable to locate place to enter saving code. Website appears defective
I recently had B. Nelson in NYC resole a pair of Paul Stuart shell cordovan loafer (made by Grenson). They did an awesome job. I requested Ridgeway red rubber sole. It's now great for crappy weather.
The Casentino cloth is an acquired taste, much like most of the popular items on clothing forum or blogs.Referring to my tan version of this coat, a young coworker of mine called it "shabby" looking. She quickly added, though, that while it may look shabby, it is somewhat "chic"
I can't picture the double breasted Mackintosh coat in action. I have the single breasted version (Waverly, I think) Can somebody post some real life version pictures of it being worn?
Is it standard practice now for Vanda ties to NOT have a tie loop on the back of the large blade?
you make it sound like you are in suit and tie and hanging out in the pure cold for the entire day. Reality is that most suit & tie spent majority of time indoors, in regulated temperature setting. When venturing outside briefly, stick with the classics: overcoat, scarf, gloves
The Valstarino bomber is not thick at all, despite being made of wool. I would say it's more an early fall, late spring jacket, good for maybe down to 50 degrees F.
I was not aware of the wrist to finger method of measuring. Nearly everyone else that has online glove selling site use the circumference of palm method.In any case, for me, 8.5 is the right size AND the fingers are just right as well.You stock only whole sizes, so should I go for 8 or 9?I figure the lack of lining would allow the skin to stretch a bit.You offer free returns, but I am a sucker for instant gratification, so am hoping to get it right the first time.
What then is your recommendation for those with in between sizes?I take an 8.5 in glove from other sellers?
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