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don't be concern with quality, as a first step. Be concerned with fit. How did your one suit from the custom tailor fit? was it custom made for you? Don't be deceived by the ever higher number of "super" either.
Which fits you the best? Your Tom Ford or the custom made suit? If you are more impressed by having a tag that says Tom Ford, then just go with TF.
If you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail Nothing that happens on Styleforum is applicable to real life. Hanging around here makes one think EG, GG, St.C. are the only shoe choices. Not true. Not true at all. Just because we obsess over gemming does not make the rest of society so.
I have a silk knit tie from the mid 90's.
I hear that there is a physical storefront that I may browse merchandise? Can you provide address? Do I need to make an appointment?
Never mind. Code works and I found the location. Good sale
Unable to locate place to enter saving code. Website appears defective
I recently had B. Nelson in NYC resole a pair of Paul Stuart shell cordovan loafer (made by Grenson). They did an awesome job. I requested Ridgeway red rubber sole. It's now great for crappy weather.
The Casentino cloth is an acquired taste, much like most of the popular items on clothing forum or blogs.Referring to my tan version of this coat, a young coworker of mine called it "shabby" looking. She quickly added, though, that while it may look shabby, it is somewhat "chic"
I can't picture the double breasted Mackintosh coat in action. I have the single breasted version (Waverly, I think) Can somebody post some real life version pictures of it being worn?
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