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Indochina? at least there is some "French" connection to make the visor cap haute
You want to avoid a MTO upcharge for a single pair of shoe, that's understandable. So you started a new thread to elicit interest.......that's a smart move. But why, oh why could you not take the effort to post a picture of the shoe you are talking about?
Oh really? then why are you posting the question in the first place.Don't confuse a "brand name" with matching quality, especially a brand name like LV. Your particular item OBVIOUSLY is not of good quality.
So you settled for a cheap Chinese product and now regret that you did not go European?
For all the Allen Edmonds haters, please don't confuse style with quality. AE is nearly unbeatable from quality vs price ratio
that jacket does not even fit you, why are you persisting?
Don't do it. You will feel the pain when your shell cordovan boots gets abused by the daily duties of a cop. Unless you are a desk jockey and looking good but functionally useless is your job description
Bespoke is not always the answer. If you buy RTW, have the item ship to you may save you a good sum of $$$
Make sure you get the Tiffany sterling buckle. and splurge for the hand monogram.
Another folly of buying something on sale, thinking you are getting a good deal. In reality you just wasted a bunch of money.
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