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How about shoddy handwork, like made by illegal Chinese hands pretending to be Neapolitan/Italian.
What do you expect from handwork? Human fingers just aren't as precise as machines, I guess. But that's the "charm" of the Neapolitan shirts. At least they don't fit like a tent.
^Is that suppose to be one of those "Where's Waldo" thingy, but trying to find the buttonhole?
You cannot be cheap and want something expensive. Either save up and pay for the Cucinelli or Loro Piana, or accept something cheaper. The likes of Landsend, LLbean, Orvis...they all make down vests.
They look like earings. Try that. Go to any mall accessory story and browse thru. Maybe you can find something else that could be your OWN "look" instead of trying to copy something.
Like being weaned off infant formula, once the reader matures in his style choices, then Styleforum becomes more an entertainment forum for the typical drama. Learning how to be stylish takes time, lots of trial & error, commitment, and money.
I have reported you to the SF authority for immediate sanction.ACRYLIC? WTF?
This is the one for me, if not for the fact that Alex Kabbaz offers a custom 12-PLY Scottish made cashmere sweater for about the same price. It comes in many more color.I'm torn, as you can see.
Those are beautiful, I can't wait
I can go with the midnight blue. I've been on a blue streak lately.Can you post a swatch of the burnished oak?
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