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Julian or Sarah, Can you provide an update on the status of the MTO Ramsey? It appears that some orders have been delivered. I'm still waiting for mine.
It is difficult to reconcile cheap with high quality, especially if you also want other stuff
So you really believe that Brooks Brothers sells only to people on this forum?
black anklet socks?shoes look too wide for you also.
Looks clownish.
Schott makes a GOOD peacoat, but it is far from the best. Not even close.
Indochina? at least there is some "French" connection to make the visor cap haute
You want to avoid a MTO upcharge for a single pair of shoe, that's understandable. So you started a new thread to elicit interest.......that's a smart move. But why, oh why could you not take the effort to post a picture of the shoe you are talking about?
Oh really? then why are you posting the question in the first place.Don't confuse a "brand name" with matching quality, especially a brand name like LV. Your particular item OBVIOUSLY is not of good quality.
So you settled for a cheap Chinese product and now regret that you did not go European?
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