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Great interview and awesome read. The problem with Kirby and the Hanger Project is that Kirby keeps coming up with these things that I don't need but want. Case in point, the $795 ice ball maker for drinks.
BBBF is dated already. Phineas Cole is trendy and stylish, but is too aggressive and therefore no staying power.
just saw Dr. No again. Mr Bond wears his perfectly fitting tuxedo with side vents. that's all. carry on......
You are basically asking if a premade jacket can be taken apart and completely reconstructed to fit you. The answer is yes, provided there is enough material. Forum member who is a tailor has done so by taking apart a TomFord suit. But realistically, don't ever buy "GREAT DEAL" anything that don't fit up front. Because it well cost you an arm and a leg to make it fit, if that is even possible
You like X but is too cheap to pay for it. That's a problem.
So the TOYOTA part was a complete red herring. It was the armoring that prevented serious injury.
i am interested. please post measurements of sizes. thanks
+1other than the Burberry label, there's nothing special about the jacket. It's "imported" also.I have a quilted jacket by Macintosh, available thru web retailer Unionmade. It's very decent and
+1 on the Zingers.
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