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If you really want to wear pure silk socks all the time, just do it. Why are you soliciting internet opinion/approval?
silks socks (100%) only for formal wear.
^They are UGLY shoes.
what are you asking? Are you saying there is no opening in the collar itself to accomodate the collar stays? or Are you saying the package itself did not include the plastic collar stays themselves?
Ingenious! Is this in Japan?
I hate 3D and IMAX. Makes me dizzy and also more expensive. I asked the ticket girl what HFR was and she had no clue, babbling on and on......so I did not bother. Good ol' 2D for me.
you are in luck. you can easily lop off 0.5" from each sleeve end without messing up the proportions. Good find, looks good on you.
If you are Tom Ford cool you'd go with 5
can you not set the camera on some steady surface and use a timer? why take these crappy mirror reflections? With your arm elevated to hold the camera it just screws up any evaluation of fit.
+1.I just took delivery of my MTO Ramsey two days ago.
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