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black calf captoe oxford black suede captoe oxford black patent leather plain toe oxford (formal) black calf opera pump (formal)
Good luck and have fun. I can't comment on the suit question, but regarding shoes, a pair of Redwing Gentleman Traveller boots would be a good choice for the type of outfit you are wearing: jeans & wool coat. A few years back I spent NYE (total of around 4 days). I only wore my Redwing boots through that entire time. I walked through snow, ice, puddles of water...etc. No problem. I did Sno-Seal the heck out of my boots prior to first wearing though.
Are these two brown strips of clothes that are tucked in the back pocket?If yes, they are meant for the inner bottom of the hem line, to prevent chaffing from shoes.
Looks terrible. Neither fish nor fowl.And the question to ask is, does it fit you.
Is that Adrian Brody and Willem Defoe? Is this the Prada runway show?
a Frog? I've got no suggestion for that, other than buy what you really want. As far as sterling silver buckle, avoid at all cost ones from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. They look cheap, feel cheaper, and are not even functional as far a cinching the belt. Best bet is to go with Tiffany's
If you really want to wear pure silk socks all the time, just do it. Why are you soliciting internet opinion/approval?
silks socks (100%) only for formal wear.
^They are UGLY shoes.
what are you asking? Are you saying there is no opening in the collar itself to accomodate the collar stays? or Are you saying the package itself did not include the plastic collar stays themselves?
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