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Settling for the almost right is the best way to create regret later
Paying $410 for used shoes.......that's just being a sucker, in my opinion. You could've purchased brand new shoes for less.
yes, they will "recolor" as they contain color pigments.Make sure you match the color you desire as closely as possible.
I bet you got lots of compliments at the fundraiser, because you have achieved the harmonious color matching (shoe, shirt, tie, pocket square) that most people (non-SF'ers) take as being the mark of well dressed.My personal opinion is that you look too studied. The tie knot is too perfect and symmetrical. The patterns between the shirt and suit is too close. The tie & pocketsquare are too match match.
Is this not "brand" whoring? Otherwise identical (material, worksmanship) except one has better known "name"
I've enjoyed a few programs on Current TV. I'd like to know how much taxes Al Gore will be paying to Uncle Sam.
It would make a more enjoyable surfing/shopping experience if you could remove, from further listing, items that are out of stock.
The blind leading the stupid.
1. RTW is good enough for certain items, if you can nail the fit. 2. Fit, as always, trumps nearly all else. 3. No amount of bespokeness can compensate for an out of shape body. 4. In general, clothing enthusiasts, the so called iGents, talks much more than what they do or look like in real life. 5. Style is developed overtime, like a fine wine; it cannot be rushed (or outright imitated) 6. Frequent clothing sites less.
have many shirts in rotation (>20) wash yourself (cold water & gentle cycle), hang dry only (this is where those of us with home washer & dryer are lucky...I pity the city apartment dwellers who have to use a laundromat) iron shirt? how painful a task. If I HAVE to iron, I just iron the collar, front of shirt. Nobody sees the rest if you don't remove jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: