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I have to disagree with Ed. And I'm frankly surprised that more thought about quality of frames/glasses are missing here. Especially when so much attention is paid to the likes of suit, shoes...etc. I have low opinions of LensCrafters & Pearles vision. Cheap, fast, good. Pick two
Derision was in order, but I will just point out that you are a supposed SENIOR member on Styleforum. And glasses are definitely considered part of one's style.
The clue to your problem is the self admission that you ride a bike. The darkness is due to motor/engine oil seeping onto and into the leather. I don't know if it is salvageable, but a leather specialist may be able to help. Should you wish to expend the time, money, and effort
Sorry if I was not clear before. You have to send the frames to them to be fitted for new lens. I have had turn around time of 5 days by paying for expedited service. You do have more than one frame, right?
It's especially easy if you are keeping a pair of frames that you know fits you well. What you need is the actual prescription (or the actual prescription numbers for your eyes), the measurement for the PD (pupillary distance). You then send that to the online operation. You then pick the exact lens you want (there are many many options: how thin, what kind of coating...etc). On average you can expect to save around 40%, at least, just for the lens themselves. I've...
If you prefer dealing only with brick and mortar store, I can't help you. Should you be willing to entertain online operations that replace lens (of significant better quality at much less price point), I may be able to offer some suggestions
My pair of BB Peal beater shoe, worn once a week for over a year (over 50 wears), has no such defect.I guess I must have luck out
Do you wonder why this particular style is on deep discount?
A good way to tell authenticity is to look at the small details. The zipper looks really crude, so your item is likely fake
Settling for the almost right is the best way to create regret later
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