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Greg, On Oct 30, when you are hosting the Sartoria Formosa bespoke event, is that day inconvenient for you or Kyle to allow me to stop by to check out some merchandise in person?
Stuff with absorbent paper towel Leave alone until visibly dry (flip shoe occasionally so that the sole gets aired out too) When visibly dry, insert tree Begin nourishment, polishing regimen
I'm all for cashmere because, well, it's cashmere.For ME though, I feel like the wool version (like the NMWA) is good enough for the shawl collar sweater. The quality of your sweater is really really highI have the gray cashmere and now a camel wool version. These are the colors that I find most appealing for the type of sweater.BTW, what's the price point we would be looking at for a MTO 6-ply in cashmere?
Just took delivery of the S&C shawl collar sweater. Nice and thick, quality of wool feels high and hand is soft. Despite the measurements, note that the sweater/yarn is stretchable. For reference I have a Drakes cashmere shawl collar sweater; it's 4x more expensive. I'm very happy with the NMWA purchase. Next day delivery is icing on the cake
You are seriously asking the forum about fit when you just visited the Armoury? WHAT DID THE GUYS THERE SAY?My personal experience is that they are honest and would not sell you stuff that don't fit.
The color combo of shirt and tie does you no favor.The suit gives you a triangular look: little shoulder and wide hips; feminine like.
Unlike all your compatriots at B&T, you seem to not favor the super tapered pants look. Just a preference?
Would you be as insistent on wearing this cream jacket if it were not a Tom Ford?
If this is the result after 4 fittings, AND by their head tailor, then it would stay FAR FAR away. The suit looks very bad
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