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You are seriously asking the forum about fit when you just visited the Armoury? WHAT DID THE GUYS THERE SAY?My personal experience is that they are honest and would not sell you stuff that don't fit.
The color combo of shirt and tie does you no favor.The suit gives you a triangular look: little shoulder and wide hips; feminine like.
Unlike all your compatriots at B&T, you seem to not favor the super tapered pants look. Just a preference?
Would you be as insistent on wearing this cream jacket if it were not a Tom Ford?
If this is the result after 4 fittings, AND by their head tailor, then it would stay FAR FAR away. The suit looks very bad
Bolded and underlined for emphasis.It is precisely the unseen parts where the one can and should pass judgment on quality.The seam misalignment can potentially be seen. Who knows what other corners where cut.
How much extra effort did you put into achieving those stupendous collar roll?
Good examples of excellent and poor fits on double breasted jacket.RD looks great, as bespoke should.The bottom two jackets puts emphasis and draws the eyes to the hips, due to poor waist placement and excessive tapering. They both look like skirts.
To BM555 and his Black label tuxedo -The short jacket emphasizes your hips, make you look like a man wearing a skirt. -The lapels are too small; they look very sorry -you have the infamous "shoulder divot" -Those tight pants puts extra emphasis on your bow-legged stance Other than that, it's just perfect.
Thanks to Greg and Kyle for their excellent hospitality, even with my impromptu visit. You are good people.
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