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Nice jacket.Best worn casually without tie
Greg, for a waist size of 30", what's the best fit size for the Farnese canvas+suede belt? aiming for the 3rd hole on the belt. Small or Medium?
Pay for FIT. Quality should be a close second.
Give Greg or Kyle a buzz, phone number on their website under customer service. I was at the physical store on Wednesday and able to try a bunch of stuff to nail down my size. Very friendly bunch and knowledgeable.
Greg, I'd like to visit your actual store when I visit NYC. How do I make an appointment?
you are paying for that "English" made mystique. I'm totally not impressed with the benchgrade shoes. The Handgrade are not bad, but for that money I'd go for lesser known names like Carmina, or more obscure ones like Vass.
I would say so.I have a gala event coming up, and I'm going in a tux.
what do you think when leather (low quality) hits uneven pavement? Do you really think the leather would damage the pebbles/stones? Your rubber shoes were unfazed because rubber "gives". By the way, the same thing would happen to "high quality" leather too. Just because you paid a bit more (expensive) for shoes doesn't mean they will outlast your $50 pair.
Foxx, you have some good points. I disagree with others, but most of your posts are spot on. I've always wondered that, with your particular penchant for the Neapolitan style/cut, why you have not gone custom/bespoke with one of the large establishments. You seem to always go RTW with the high end Italian outfits (Kiton..etc).....it just makes me wonder. About the biggest realization I've come to is that PERSONAL STYLE cannot be rushed. It's easy to imitate at first...
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