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How do I go about with the MTO trousers program? Do I prepay the entire amount or just the $95 deposit? How do I do that? Thanks
I have a Benchmade Megumi. 3.5" closed and
Ha ha. what do you think? Sabenza for 10% retail?
EVERY young women (age
Would like to make purchase, but I do not see where I can input the discount code I got all the way to the credit card payment subpage. Please advise.
+10000Another friggin newbie who is too lazy to do any research or reading and has that feed me instantly mentality.The whole forum is being clogged with these lazy neophytes and their stupid questions, driving away all the good posters.What a shame.
the Forum makes fun of and passes judgment on average guys wearing square-toed shoes and pleated pants, so I don't see why we can't similarly make fun of Forumites who are out of shape.
To Styleforum, they do not count as pants.To the rest of the world, they are fine.Enjoy your pants
portuguese flannel shirts, what's the fit like? Can anybody use Kamakura shirt or Brooks Brothers shirts as comparison?
Is your "tailor" competent? How much are you willing to spent? Fundamentally, the problem you presented is one where you are trying to convert excessive fabric to something smaller. Technically possible.
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