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andyliu52 haha, that's funny antirabbit what is up with the old people? Fuuma Actually yes, I wanna buy a suit. I think I already have enough streetwear stuff (a few pairs of raw denim, some hoodies that i wear only at home, some sneakers, some tees which i rarely wear, etc..) and I'm tired of them. I want something more elegance. : ) I'm planing to pick up these Grenson shoes for 125$....
GQBaller seriously? lol square toe Are you making fun of yourself? sho'nuff Have you been to Bangkok? That's where you can find shitty and bespoke together : D I looked in b&s. Most of the stuff are too big for me and I'm kind of worry about sizing and fitting since I'm inexperienced about those satorial stuff. Anyway thank for your help : )
Hi I have been reading this forum for a few months. I have a question. Now I have about 800-900$ to spend on clothing. How should I start building my wardrobe? What should I spend them on? any suggestion? now my wardrobe consist of: 1 black shitty bespoke suit a modern amusement sport coat¤t=1.jpg a shitty pair of black dress shoes a sort of ok pair of tan loafers a black peacoat sort of...
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN They actually make Uggs for men? Yes they do
It's 0.8 millimeters difference
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