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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I can't believe people are advising you to buy suits at 16. don't be the douchey kid who wears a suit to class. douchey kid wears a suit. cool kid wears abercombie + nike combo btw im not planning to wear a suit to school though
My mistake I shouldnt have told that I'm 16: (
slim pants in 29" < 100$ Is it possible?
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester It is a dark brown shirt, look again. It looks black in my monitor
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester A brown shirt is fine. No need for a prohibition here. Just ask George C. A brown shirt (or a purple shirt or a pink Hello Kitty shirt or any shirt) is not fine if it is worn with a Nazi tie and you are wielding a swastika flag, as shown above. That guy's tie is also too short btw and he has hip flare . . . A brown shirt with brown shoes and belt is fine in theory but (as with anything) I would have to see the...
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer Does the "colour of the year/season trend really exist in Men's Clothing? I thought this was something that exist more in womens fashion. I really don't see the major fashion houses for men putting out wildly different things each year. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by principal okay after looking around i'm pretty convinced AE would be a good fit for me and my budget for the shoes department. How expensive is to to get mtm shirts with good fabric? Should I get a mtm suit also or just a nice off the rack one and get it tailored? also what colors? Shoes i was thinking 1 brown 1 black, suits 1 gray, 1 navy, 1 charcoal, and white/blue/light pink shirts? No brown. Go for navy...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Hi I have been reading this forum for a few months. I have a question. Now I have about 800-900$ to spend on getting rid of shitty noob threads. How should I start culling the herd? What should I spend them on? any suggestion? You might want to spend them on getting rid of old jerks. wtf? shitty threads? So, what is appropriate? bespoke underwear? hugo boss haute couture?
Quote: Originally Posted by larryr What is b and s? is it a website? It's Blair and Serena
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