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I am still in high school : )
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic The quote is, I think, dead on. I've been going to Thailand for years. There are maybe a couple of reasonably good tailors in Thailand and they don't do internet orders! They certainly don't enlist the help of pathetic shills like the OP. Any tailor who chases you down on the street in the various tourist ghettos isn't worth a damn. Same goes for any tailor that you find based on the good word of your tuk tuk...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Lose the pocket square. I'm undecided on the shoe color, but everything fits really well. Who makes the blazer? by "image exclusive" in Bangkok, Thailand I got it + pants + tie + shirt for 150$
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus A true blazer with jeans, pocket square, and sunglasses....indoors. No. Not bad fits, though. sorry I just dont have a mirror outside
Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots Which country are you from? Thailand
"not that that's necessarily not conservative" I don't understand. What does it mean? Sorry my english sucks. Can someone simplify that sentence for me pls.
I dont smoke much when im in usa though wait until I go back to my home country. I have 200g+ saved on my bedroom ceiling xD
Quote: Originally Posted by Composer_1777 buy something cool, like a TV worth a shit or i phone, get some speakers and dolby your room up. These other guys are right, don't be a douchey kid wearing a suit. Girls won't appreciate it, guys will think you are gay. I watch 52" samsung, own the 8gb 3g and listen to creative I-trigue 2.1
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