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Is yfyf American?
Quote: Originally Posted by Obbi All in all, average person, i would recommend for black tee, black sports coat, BLACK jeans with WHITE loafers.
How can you bespoke something online??
Come to Thailand. You will like it. Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I never feared for my safety in India, though I went into some dodgy places. Same as Thailand. Little advice: don't pick a fight with a Thai. Chances are you'll get the shit kicked out of you. I used to watch Brits fly in to an island, get hammered and drunkenly bump into a little Thai guy at a bar. Then tell him to "fuck off." Big mistake. lefty
black bow tie please
Quote: Originally Posted by MJO87 THanks for your advice. I know I have controversal tastes. I like things that stand out a lot.
ugh no
Nordstrom Rack downtown : D
no necktie! go for bow tie
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