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Quote: Originally Posted by Bohdathone In downtown Bangkok, a quick Guinness and a JW Black Label sitting in a street bar's verandah before we have to go inside for the nightly curfew which bar were you at?
It will not be fun to travel here in Bangkok at this time, but you will be fine in Phuket.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginghaman didn't know hobos have such great colour co-ordination skills Fyi, that guy is a construction engineer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn So does anyone know of any specific tailors around the world who can copy suits? I imagine it would indeed drape differently if I used a different fabric, as upnorth said, but it seems like it would be fairly minimal and I'm not that picky. Plus if I tell them to err or the tight side, and give generous seam allowances, I could just get tweeked here in the US. I have a fairly good suit jacket now and it'd be great if I...
nice thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody How about Lanvin? long vang
Quote: Originally Posted by Vittorio J if you are going to drop over 1K for a suit, you may as well make it unique...that's what makes the whole bespoke process so fun... what? 1k for those stupid uniqueness? my tailor can do all those shit for <200$
Quote: Originally Posted by Slab Donor Rot i now suspect the jacket is 10 or more years old. I don't think iPhone was available ten years ago
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