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Anybody know about these?
So is it safe to say the best <$100 pair of slim chinos are J.Crew's slim-fit? What about their officer chinos? As far as their webshop's pictures go, I sort of like the look of the officer chino more than the slimfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrtophat blankapparel I think i found this posted somewhere on styleforum, don't remember what thread, or who though. prices seem to range around 5-8 bucks for aa shirts...i haven't bought from them before, so cant say if they're legit. It might have been me. I asked about this site earlier, but I don't remember getting any response.
Alright, I wasn't sure if I should make this topic a new thread considering there were other threads very similar and I'd probably get bitched out, but anyway... What would your ideal summer closet include? Specific items or just general pieces are fine. I'm just trying to brainstorm what are the most essential pieces I should get for this summer.
Could somebody please point me in the direction of a good lightweight jacket/outerwear piece for summer. I was learning towards the military jacket style, but really have no preference. I'm willing to pay for high quality, but this thing can't break the bank seeing as I'm saving for college next year. Also, I don't want anything too "high-fashion," if you know what I mean. So far I've liked Barbour (might be too heavy) and Baracuta.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Do they? I think you're mistaken about that, although the STF 501 are considered the go-to cheap, easily available entry-level raw denim. Of course, raw denim is also available cheaply in other Levis cuts, but they're a bit harder to come by. I've never owned a pair of 501s in my life. The high rise, especially, kills it for me. Maybe they don't, that's just the overall vibe I've gotten.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent 514s get squeezed out because this forum likes it's more tapered cousin the 511... or us skinnies like 510 better. If you are a bit shorter than average I would get slimmer clothing... infact as long as you aren't roidinflated I would say slimmer clothing looks better on anyone regardless of height (within a normal height range). Seeing as you are more muscular, 511s wouldn't exactly be a flattering...
Alright, I got some fit questions for you guys out there. So the vibe I'm getting is that different body types look better in certain clothing. Yep, that makes perfect sense. So I'm not a midget or look like I'm on 'roids, but I'd say I'm a bit shorter and more muscular than the average person here. As a general rule, should I try and buy slimmer clothes to give the illusion of being taller/thinner? For example, I recently bought a pair of Levi's 501 and 514 in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by the_pole i have one no problems with it i like it ...u might have to try it on in person because 2 of the same size jackets differed a little in the size Thanks. In addition to the J.Crew utility jacket, what about these two? Calvin Klein Military Shirt Jacket- $74 or Army Navy Mall M-65 Field Jacket- $71 Initially, I notice that the Army jacket might be a little heavy for summer use, but maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clover216 Would you guys recommend purchasing anything from sites like this? I was just planning on getting some t-shirts and maybe a zip-up hoodie or two. Bump.
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