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Just missed this in the B&S ( Interested in buying one exactly like that, in 38R. Used in good condition & unaltered is also ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx just paid for both Damn, I just PM'd about the Polo, congratulations! (if it should not work out for you, consider a PM to me... )
550 euros for a stunning Zegna 100 % cashmere navy Sportscoat. Worth every penny!
The vinegar worked like a charm, for anyone out there with the same problem!
Thanks for the replies, I'll try the vinegar later today and see how it works. So this should be salt stains then? I have several leather shoes with rubber soles (mainly from Barker and RM Williams) that I use to wear in the winter time and sometimes in weather like the that ruined these shoes, but I've never encountered such a stain before, so it it is a first for me.
Some week ago I got caught in a situation where I had to walk a couple of 100 meters in severe snow which I had not planned for. The day after when I look at the shoes I wore I notice stains on them (see picture). I haven't have any shoe look like this after snow and water before, what could it be? Is it because the shoe is bad quality or could it be something else? It is a pair of Charles Thyrwitt shoe. Anyone experienced this type of stain before? Is it cleanable? How...
Quote: Originally Posted by tuc I've also started importing vegan footwear for Finnish gentlemen, finally there are proper goodyear welted alternatives available. Do you have any examples of that? Would really like to see!
* Button down collars (unless it's a casual shirt in oxford cloth) * Visible logos (except for poloshirts) * Pants with wide legs. * Synthetic fibers (unless it is pants that has a wool/xx mix, and pants that are really, really cheap & still good looking. Seldom do these characteristics match in one single garment though) * Too skinny or too wide lapels
Of course you should buy it! I'd go for the chrono myself, but either one is a classic.
PM sent!
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