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Price drop $300 -> $285.
I bought this jacket a while ago, but it's just too small for me. Completely unworn aside from trying it on. Measurements: pit to pit: 20.5" length: 26" shoulders: ~19" (the sleeves are raglan style so there are no shoulder seams) pit to cuff: 18" Originally retailed for $1845, no longer have the tags. Looking for $250 shipped in the US. Open to offers. Edit: Yes, it is mainline. Tagged size is EU48.
Thanks guys, I really like the fit on these as well. Ahaz, if you think the Oni Blues might be too slim, check out their Red cut. The Blue is described as a regular fit, and the Red is a relaxed fit, which you're obviously looking for. The denim Oni uses is superb, with an amazing feel to it. The shoes I'm wearing there are just a pair of beat up leather chucks, evilgeniusdan.
Oni Blues are a decent choice for a relatively relaxed fit: I sized down on these (my waist is 29 and these are a 28), so they're a bit slim, but if you buy them true to size, they should fit a bit more relaxed than shown here. They're still not really broken in yet, either, as I've only been wearing them for roughly 2 weeks; they still have a majority of their post soak stiffness.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Have I not been talking about this silhouette for years now? Just a wanted to have it on the record. Like Max said, the silhouette isn't particularly new, but I think that the show pulled it off really well. I'm rather partial to it myself, since I have a naturally high waist, and the slim tops really fit my asthetic. I liked virtually every aspect of the show: the knits, outerwear, and the layering in...
They are glued.
I'm surprised that there has been no mention of the J. Lindeberg show, as I felt it was the most solid overall. The wide trousers and relatively slim tops were pulled off very well, in my opinion. I must agree with Get Smart, though, that in general this season was pretty weak. The abundance of the metallics also threw me off, as I found them to be obnoxious and flashy.
am i crazy for wanting those maharishi slips?
It's a white hoodie with a print..Do you like the print? If so, then why worry.
Onitsuka Mexico 66s have a very thin sole. It's barely there, truthfully. You can also check out the Adidas Dragon, seen here: They're a bit similar to the Onitsukas that you're currently wearing, however.
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