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pretty sure thats the geller dip dye sweater. fit looks pretty good imo.
maybe start a book thread?
ahhh, I think I mistook your post about the wool holding up in the rain as referencing the ma-1.
I believe lesamourai has one and has posted pictures, as well.
Your proportions are always off. The shirt is bulky, the pants are slim, and the shoes are garish; plus the colors aren't good together. It's just not cohesive at all.You should really hem your jeans. And also not wear jeans with the rest of that outfit, as they're really out of place.
wonder if you posted this without any sense of irony
Price drop $275->$260
Up for sale is a pair of Common Projects Achilles Low Grey in size 42. Worn these a few times since I got them a month and a half ago. Some creasing from normal wear, soles are a little dirty but pretty much new condition. Pictures can be found here: Originally paid $325 for them, asking $260 shipped. Looking for a quick sale as I'm going out of town this week. Thanks.
Final price drop to $250.
Price drop $285 -> $270.
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