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I have no problems with American Apparel fit and quality. You can pick them wholesale for a steal:
it worked.
I didn't find mine to noticeably shrink at all after drying, but I do a cold wash. Maybe a hot wash + dryer might shrink them a bit? Just depends on how much larger they are than you want, really.
Small in grosgain regular fit oxfords are a bit slimmer in the chest but fit virtually the same as my slim fit medium oxfords that I bought a couple months ago. The measurements on the new slim fit oxfords are the same as the previous ones, so I assume the fit is the same as well.
the "plebe" comments are obviously tongue in cheek and sorry that you clearly don't understand that or just look at any high end designer label with absurd t shirt prices.
Off topic banter is obviously going to occur in thread but three pages worth of book banter gets old. "Thread drift" is easily the worst part of styleforum.
People are debating the merits of physical vs. digital books; what books they're reading currently; the values of cyberpunk; etc; in the Recent Purchases thread, Hardly the place, no?
holy shit stop talking about books
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