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looks cheap and ugly
It fits fine unless you're slouching in your pictures. In which case, don't slouch.
are you this awkward in real life, too
Sometimes I think NYI looks a bit stiff and uncomfortable in his works fits, but he looks extremely natural and comfortable here. Not really sure what the criticism is.
The measurements I gave Charly were 21.5" p2p. I would mainly focus on the shoulder measurements when ordering, since I think the chest measurements are a bit skewed due to the puffiness of the jacket.But yeah, I was sold on the charcoal since it's a bit more neutral and fits in with the rest of my clothes better. I can wear this with pretty much anything.
Here's a couple quick snaps of my charcoal MA-1. I ordered a 48 w/ 50 lengths, and it's a bit snug when zipped up, but apart from that it's great.(pardon the bathroom shot) [[SPOILER]]
I'll try to grab some pics tomorrow. It's really nice, and the color is exactly what I was looking for.
Picked up my charcoal wool MA-1 from the post office today, and it's amazing. Fit is spot on and the details are great. Will try to grab some pics when I can. can search this thread for "olive calf" and remarkable things occur.
Without the shoes, that looks like something you'd wear to bed.
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