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did you want to mention that these include affiliate links?
huh that's a weird typo for "Liquid Swords."Love the fit, though. Seersucker without a belt is a great look.
Stop posting this it's not funny and never has been.
It's probably a size short, yeah. I wouldn't say "super short," though.It's a 48 with 50 lengths, and I probably should have gotten a 50 with 52 lengths. I'm a bit lanky and sometimes hard to size; should have known TOJ ran a bit slim, though.
Here's a couple better shots, hopefully: definitely more like the second one in real life.
Pretty sure next year will have a fall season too, mate.
It's under the CWU gallery since its a modified version of that jacket.
The original box probably got damaged during the shipping process, hence the "relabel" sticker.
The ones from Acrimony and Forward are 100% cotton, though. Wasn't the older versions a wool/silk blend or something a bit more interesting? $200+ for a cotton sweatshirt is a bit much imo, even for Geller.
No one cares.
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