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very nice peacoat. wish it were a size small. somebody should buy it fast!
where could i find a pair of oliver peoples ndg in the "storm" color? (other than scouring ebay and forum sales threads) or is it pretty much impossible now?
is this website legit? http://www.eyewearus.com/pd.asp?prod...STORM&cbocat=2 thanks!
does this website www.decormyeyes.com sell authentic glasses? thinking about getting a pair of oliver peoples or paul smith. thanks!
payment sent
measurements on the sns sweater?
Brand New with tags black peacoat size Small. Bought from ssense for $430 here: http://www.ssense.com/men/product/en..._peacoat/21507 Looking for $330 including shipping with global EMS. Thanks.
I just got my Taylors but they fit way too small, i'm a bit surprised at how small/narrow it is because i got it in a UK 7/EU 41 even though my bruno magli UK 8/EU42 is a bit too large for me. i think the length is actually fine it's just that it's too narrow. so the question is, should i try a larger size (i may have to go with UK 8.5) or give up on the Taylors and try another model? What other oxford shoe models by PS should I consider? Would "Timpano" work for me? ...
so is the timar boot supposed to have a more formal look than the york boot? does anyone have any timurs? it seems a bit narrow. http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/paul-smit...navigation-top http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/paul-smit...roductId=17336
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