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very nice peacoat. wish it were a size small. somebody should buy it fast!
where could i find a pair of oliver peoples ndg in the "storm" color? (other than scouring ebay and forum sales threads) or is it pretty much impossible now?
is this website legit? thanks!
does this website sell authentic glasses? thinking about getting a pair of oliver peoples or paul smith. thanks!
payment sent
measurements on the sns sweater?
Brand New with tags black peacoat size Small. Bought from ssense for $430 here: Looking for $330 including shipping with global EMS. Thanks.
I just got my Taylors but they fit way too small, i'm a bit surprised at how small/narrow it is because i got it in a UK 7/EU 41 even though my bruno magli UK 8/EU42 is a bit too large for me. i think the length is actually fine it's just that it's too narrow. so the question is, should i try a larger size (i may have to go with UK 8.5) or give up on the Taylors and try another model? What other oxford shoe models by PS should I consider? Would "Timpano" work for me? ...
so is the timar boot supposed to have a more formal look than the york boot? does anyone have any timurs? it seems a bit narrow.
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