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i am endlessly faced with that same "gahhhh." sort of uninspired feeling when i go into a store or boutique and all i see are endless rows of graphic tees. i really don't like that style very much. also, i'm in South Korea right now where virtually every young person dresses in an identical, flashy fashion. there is literally only one Korean clothing company in which i can find some things which i like. it's called Codes Combine and even still, many of their items aren't...
thanks for that drizzt... still though -- when i look at the Jakimo style on Bluefly, i like the back pockets a bit better than the Hutch. but i wish i knew about how it fit more specifically. has anyone here bought a pair?
thanks very much edmorel for the offer. i do truly truly appreciate it. problem is that i can't even buy from the store unless i have an American credit card. BUT, it's okay! I've got a friend in NYC who is going to buy and ship them for me after i wire him the money.
Yeah, Ale is gorgeous. Good call!
Quote: Originally Posted by Associate Not to burst the Kiehl's bubble, but their shaving products sometimes contain irritants such as camphor and menthol - not really recommneded for your face. The foaming 'non-detergent' cleanser actually contains a very simple standard detergent that is used in shamppos and hand soaps and generaly not recommended for facial skin. I don't enjoy the "cooling effect" of menthol, so the Kiehl's shaving cream I...
awesome! thanks for the replies everyone! another quick question: i don't really like "stiff" denim. perhaps this is because i don't have any experience with it. but anyway, which wash is the best for a softer, less-likely to stretch/shrink jean?
Did you like that play on words? I thought it was rather witty. Ok, I'm in Korea and unfortunately do not have the luxury of trying on jeans before I order them online. I have browzed through many shopping sites and read many descriptions of the different jeans, but in order to be sure I need some help on sizing and fits in specific relation to ME. I'm trying to decide on a model of Earnest Sewn jeans. They seem to have a widely respected reputation on this...
... waiting on the pics of the new and improved backside...
thanks very much for that link. that's a pretty cool site, though they're going to charge and extra $110.00 to ship to korea. and $90.00 to ship to Canada. i guess i can understand why these types of services are going out of business.
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 And I hate to break it to you but $200 isn't exactly the big sale for Bluefly. haha. i know that, but it still makes me wanna cry! haha. GAH. i'll have to try to get an american friend to order and ship the clothes to me. thanks for your reply!
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