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I think shorts can definitely be fashionable!
Judging by their own definition, an "Ubersexual" should most certainly condemn the idea that all the world's men can be squished into such absurd categories.
maybe this will wake her up. i think she truly does have that indefinable "IT" that makes real stars, but she certainly seems to be lost now and on the road to being the next Tara Reid or some other trainwreck. she should start taking notes from Scarlett Johanssen, who is one of the very very VERY few young Hollywood starlets who never has any tabloid drama and as such maintains a great reputation and image.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 Curious about these. Where can they be found or who normally carries them? Do they have a "rosey" scent to them? The first 2 DEFINITELY have a "rosey" scent. Une Rose literally smells like an English rose garden on an early morning after a rainstorm. its very green and very floral -- but also masculine. there's a patchouli note in Voleur de Roses that makes it earthy, but its still also a powerful...
do you all know of the Basenotes forum? its a pretty spectacular site. just like this one, but for fragrance afficionados.
Listen, kapay -- realistically, with a company like Kiehl's --which has been a top-of-the-line skincare provider since 1851-- you can pretty much feel safe when you are using their products. There are loads and loads of other companys which are also very old and very reputable. And as mentioned, they'll all have specific skincare products tailored to your skin type. I say try out a few different washes. See which ones work best for you.
Love this thread! Fragrances are a total passion for me! drizzzt, we seem to be of the same mind on some of these!! Here are the frags I have on rotation now... Citrico - Comme des Garcons Un Jardin Sur Le Nil - Hermes Concentree De Verte Orange - Hermes Cologne - Thierry Mugler Marc - Marc Jacobs Green Irish Tweed - Creed Millesime Imperial - Creed M7 Fresh - YSL Havana - Aramis (for special occasions ... hot nights... such a sensual frag) Can't wait to bring back...
thanks much!! how long does this sale last?
Quote: Originally Posted by bobbyd I've heard alot of good things about Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer, but I also a) live in a very humid climate and b) have oily/combination skin. Given that, would it be counter-productive for me to use this product? I don't want to utilize a "great" product if it is going to cause breakouts or otherwise not be effective. I'm living in Seoul, in South Korea. It's extremely humid here and my skin...
What about Karolina Kurkova? Does nobody else fancy her as much as I do?
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