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is the website the only real place to find their clothes online?? none of the discount online clothing spots seem to have any APC! (ie, revolve, bluefly, activeendeavers, etc)
Anna Piaggi!!!!!!
I have to say that I take most of my inpiration from Jude Law. I'm too young to wear suits everyday --- but I do love to rock them when it's appropriate. I think Jude's aesthetic is similar. He's a very classic guy, nothing too flashy, but always fitted perfectly, great rich colours. His casual style is wonderful, and yet he also looks positively dashing on the red carpet.
Karolina Kurkova Eva Herzigova Iman Gisele Bundchen Naomi Campbell Tyra Banks
This is ridiculous. I'll go as far stretched as to presume that not only is she telling the truth that she's insane, but let's even say hypothetically that she truly WAS possessed by Satan. In either case, the bottom line is that this woman took the lives of FIVE other human beings. FIVE. Put her away and toss the key.
i don't know but i'd be really interestied in this as well. my shoulders are so much wider than my waist. i am shaped like an inverted triangle. my chest is 46"-48" and my natural waist is like 32"-33". i look like a total BOX unless my shirts are fitted and i always have a hard time finding a polo like that. however, when i was in Hong Kong, i bought a great one made by "indu homme" that is fitted and soft and wonderful!
yes, i would give up my house (my hypothetical house, rather, since at the moment i'm living in a shoebox ..*ahem* .. i mean, apartment). i would give up all my clothes and my house and really if it truly meant no wars period and peace all around the world, i'd gladly give up my own life.
how much does a set of those sheets go for? just curious.
um .... *eeeeeeeeeee* perhaps this partially explains the reports that he was "helping Whitney Houston with her addiction", but perhaps only as far as to suggest that he wasn't helping so much as partaking.
I think shorts can definitely be fashionable!
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