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Gah. I guess I'm just not a fan of bright colours. I hate the look of that orange sweater in the second look. The first one is not bad, though I'd only keep the jacket/shoes/jeans and change the colours of the shirt/cardigan/tie.
perhaps i just haven't found the right style of AA tshirt. the ones i've tried on are so loooong they come down to my mid-lower butt. i HATE that. (and i'm tall too, 6'2", so it's not a matter of "well i'm just short so..."). plus, they aren't fitted in the waist area. my shoulders are broad, but my waist is fairly narrow, so i like a shirt that fits snug around the waist, otherwise i look like a giant box.
my lord the selection has cleared out pretty damn quickly i'd say. there is practically nothing there now.
would 40-42 be a typical size "Large"?
I have no idea where specifically, but I can assure you that there is LOTS of it there. So, don't fret -- you'll definitely find some good, cheap Polo if you look around.
GAH. i hate it when my message ends up being the very last one on a page. now everyone's gonna miss it! lol. i still need help with the sizing/washing questions!!
I literally cannot even FATHOM spending $6,000.00 on 4 pairs of shoes. Congrats to those of you who can, though. Perhaps someday I'll have an answer to this question.
I say go to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Its a gorgeous island in the southern part of the chain with absolutely breathtaking scenery. Two of the most romantic and "honey-moon suitable" spots would be: 1 - Ladera St. Lucia - http://www.ladera.com/ 2 - L'Anse Chastanet -- http://www.ansechastanet.com/
i'm not watching it at all this year, mostly cause i don't have access to it in this part of the world. BUT, i watched Rockstar:INXS religiously last year and the guy who one, J.D. Fortune, is from my hometown. so we were obviously pretty excited when he won. i thought they were, for the most part, VERY talented. i couldn't even watch a single episode of American Idol because i felt like there was such an enormous level of difference between the actual talents...
ooooooookay. i'm looking to buy a pair of A.P.C New Standards. i just went through all 7 pages of this thread and there is plenty of information. but i have a couple of questions still: 1 - in typical jeans (Diesel, Earnest Sewn, Ben Sherman --- these are all i've got), i wear a 34" waist. i want my jeans to be fitted. certainly not SKIN-tight. like crushing my balls. but i don't like loose-fitting jeans much either. so i want them tight enough. and i loathe...
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