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I love wearing a nice, tight sweater with some good jeans. Use darker denim, though, or it won't look right, IMO.
I may be a pussy, but I've always fancied Storm. There's just something so alluring about her. She's my moon goddess. The powers to control nature, the slight accent, the gorgeous skin and alabastor hair. Even when she was powerless for a while there, she could still kick ass (and rock a mohawk). Halle Berry was the worst thing to happen to that character.
I honestly don't know my measurements, but I think I'm fairly normal proportions @ 74" in height with a 34" inseam. If anything, perhaps my torso is too long. I confess that I've only looked at the tees here in Korea, so perhaps there is a particular style that is shipped here on extra-long, non-fitted tees. :S Are there many different styles? If so, what is the name of the style which is snug all over and shortish in length (right around or under the belt sounds about...
Gah. I guess I'm just not a fan of bright colours. I hate the look of that orange sweater in the second look. The first one is not bad, though I'd only keep the jacket/shoes/jeans and change the colours of the shirt/cardigan/tie.
perhaps i just haven't found the right style of AA tshirt. the ones i've tried on are so loooong they come down to my mid-lower butt. i HATE that. (and i'm tall too, 6'2", so it's not a matter of "well i'm just short so..."). plus, they aren't fitted in the waist area. my shoulders are broad, but my waist is fairly narrow, so i like a shirt that fits snug around the waist, otherwise i look like a giant box.
my lord the selection has cleared out pretty damn quickly i'd say. there is practically nothing there now.
would 40-42 be a typical size "Large"?
I have no idea where specifically, but I can assure you that there is LOTS of it there. So, don't fret -- you'll definitely find some good, cheap Polo if you look around.
GAH. i hate it when my message ends up being the very last one on a page. now everyone's gonna miss it! lol. i still need help with the sizing/washing questions!!
I literally cannot even FATHOM spending $6,000.00 on 4 pairs of shoes. Congrats to those of you who can, though. Perhaps someday I'll have an answer to this question.
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