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yep. i'm a natural 34" waist. thanks though!! and thanks for the referrence. i'll search him out on here!
Well I don't have a flask of my own, but if I did -- in it would be El Dorado 15-year-old rum 'cause it's bloody delicious!
i guess the title explains it all. i want to buy a pair of NS with a 32" waist. i would have just bought from the Azalea website, but they only have size 31" and 33". which is truly unfortunate. so, if anyone has these jeans to sell, preferably new with tags at a reasonable price, please let me know. thanks
wait now... so clearly i'm a gullible airhead. but would someone kindly enlighten me? haha. were the gorilla shoes just a lie? or does the person actually own a pair of gorilla hide shoes and the whole antarctic thing was a rouse? *mildy embarassed*
if only i were wealthy. i would own such an abundance of shoes, it would require a closet the size of mariah carey's. (which if you haven't seen her spread in Architectural Digest --- i'm sure you can imagine that its a rather large closet).
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Yes, I should have explained. Gorillas are currently on the endangered species list, and anyone who would wear them is an asshole. But these are special Gorilla hides. They were found in Antarctica in the1920's(many years prior to the ban), when Gorillas were not endangered. These Gorillas had emigrated from Africa in August, 1922 to Antarctica. It was a really hot summer in the Bush, and the Gorillas were looking to...
well, nobody answered my question, but if it is the case that these shoes are indeed made from Gorilla skin, then i think the person who owns them should be ashamed. Gorilla's are an endangered species and to have one killed just so some pretentious asshole can wear a pair of unique shoes, is downright disgusting.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I have a pair of the LouCostellos. They are the BudAbbot model in an incredible gorilla hide(very supple and rare). Simllar to Berluti's, but much nicer and more expensive! I'll post a picture when I can. "Gorilla hide" as in made from the skin of a gorilla??
now THOSE ^^ i love. but the first shoes in the thread = dorky.
Thanks for the tip!! I didn't know it was possible to retract a bid. Technically, I suppose it's my fault for not asking the exact measurements, but if the seller knew the pants measured 36" in the waist instead of 34", he/she really should have said so, just to eliminate any chance of this happening.
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