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Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I have a pair of the LouCostellos. They are the BudAbbot model in an incredible gorilla hide(very supple and rare). Simllar to Berluti's, but much nicer and more expensive! I'll post a picture when I can. "Gorilla hide" as in made from the skin of a gorilla??
now THOSE ^^ i love. but the first shoes in the thread = dorky.
Thanks for the tip!! I didn't know it was possible to retract a bid. Technically, I suppose it's my fault for not asking the exact measurements, but if the seller knew the pants measured 36" in the waist instead of 34", he/she really should have said so, just to eliminate any chance of this happening.
Hey everyone, Here's what the blurb says on eBay: "This is an absolutely beautiful pair of Marc Jacobs pants. These Pants have a flat front, a button waist, buttons fly, and have 2 insert front with small coins pockets and 2 rear pockets. They are a complete Black in color, size 34x36 and 100% Italy Cotton and made in Italy , on the marc Jacobs tag read : Style MUH215U are brand new with tags from a major department store and have a retail of $290.00! And guaranteed...
Someone posted this over at the Fashion Spot. I think it's rather hilarious, if a little crass.
"expectoooo Patroooooonuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!"
They look fantastic! I love the grey! Great job!!
Tck: Your comments in this thread are basically verbatem to my own. I believe that we are a rapidly growing group of people on this Earth. I have a definite sense that some major changes and true paradigm shifts are going to take place within my own lifetime. Throughout all recorded time the religions have served the people and ultimately crumpled as the population grew into a new way of thinking. I truly believe that the time of Christianity is nearly over and that a...
THE TICK haha. aaawesome!
So the American Apparel tees will actually fit tighter around the waist than these ones?
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